Residential Tenancy Agreement Bc Dispute Resolution

(a) the rent for similar rental units in the unit immediately prior to the proposed increase coming into effect; 2. The Director does not lose the authority of a dispute resolution procedure and does not affect the validity of a decision when a decision is made after the 30-day period at point 1 (d) has expired. 51.3 (1) Subject to Section 2 of this section, if a tenant has made a notification in paragraph 1 of Section 51.2, the lessor must pay the tenant an amount equivalent to 12 times the monthly rent payable under the previous tenancy agreement if the lessor does not comply with paragraph 51.2 (2). (a) The landlord of a tenant who is involved in this dispute resolution procedure, 2. Common tenant: Common tenants are roommates who have separate tenancy agreements with the landlord. Each tenant is responsible for paying their own rent, and if one roommate does not pay rent, the other roommate is not affected. When a tenant terminates their tenancy agreement, it does not affect the rent of another roommate. a “new tenant,” a tenant who has entered into a tenancy agreement for a rental unit but is prevented by a reluctant tenant from occupying the rental unit; (i) the tenant claims to cede the tenancy agreement or sublet the rental unit without first obtaining the landlord`s written consent, as requested in Section 34 [assignment and sublease]; (b) with respect to a fixed-term tenancy agreement that does not provide that the tenant will leave the tenancy unit at the end of the term of term, a rent resulting from paragraph 3 of Section 44 [as the end of a tenancy agreement]; (g) a fee for services or facilities requested by the tenant when these services or facilities are not required to be provided under the lease agreement. 72 (1) The Director may order the payment or refund of a tax covered by Section 59 (2) (c) [Opening of the Proceedings] or 79 (3) b) [Request for Review of the Director`s Decision] by a party to a dispute resolution that is addressed to another party or to the Director. 5.

A lessor`s obligations under paragraph 1, period (a) apply regardless of whether or not a tenant was aware of the lessor`s breach of this subsection at the time the lease was concluded. (b) the circumstances of the abandonment of the rental unit are measured in such a way that it was not reasonably possible to expect the tenant to return to the residential property. 2. A lessor may, in the following circumstances, apply for an order of possession of a rental unit by filing a dispute resolution motion: 73 (1) If 2 or more dispute resolution claims relating to related disputes are accepted with the same lessor, the director may hear the disputes simultaneously.

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